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Reports and Analytics
Reports and Analytics

Reports and analytics available to shops – depending on their subscription and e-commerce platform

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Types of performance reports and analytics available in Easysize/Fit QuizLearn more about analytics and performance reports you can use to measure Easysize/Fit Quiz impact on your shop
Understanding Fit Quiz's Shopify Performance dashboardJust launched Fit Quiz on your Shopify store? You can now track its performance through our Shopify Performance dashboard
Shopify Dashboard: Metrics and what they meanLearn about the metrics in the Performance Dashboard and what those metrics mean
Shopify Dashboard: Additional sales and return metricsRecently launched sales and return metrics offer even more insights into Fit Quiz's impact and shoppers' purchase and return habits
Shopify Dashboard: TroubleshootingCommon issues with the Shopify Performance Dashboard and how to solve them
Exporting "raw" performance dataTypes of raw performance data, that can be exported and shared with shops
"Out of Stock" reports and insightsLearn more about our Out of Stock report
Understanding your "Basic report" on the Starter PlanLearn more about our "Basic report" and metrics available to shops on the Starter plan
Gaining more insights from the "Pro report"Monthly Pro reports are an advanced version of the Basic reports with additional metrics and benchmark analysis
Leveraging in-depth analytics and tailored metrics in the “Premium report”Monthly Premium reports allow shops to gain more in-depth insights into shoppers' behavior and tailor metrics to their needs
User Types in Fit Quiz reportsLearn more about user types and how we use them in our reports
User Segments in Fit Quiz ReportsLearn more about user segments and how we use them in our reports
How the ROI metric is calculatedLearn about the ROI metric and measuring an impact Fit Quiz has on your business