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"Out of Stock" reports and insights
"Out of Stock" reports and insights

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Analyzing inventory and stock availability is crucial for any fashion brand. Now, stores can gain additional insights through Fit Quiz's "Out of Stock" reports for more precise analytics.

We provide two types of insights into out-of-stock recommendations:

  • The overall number of recommended sizes that were out of stock

  • A detailed list of all out-of-stock instances at a product level

These figures include all the recommended sizes provided by Fit Quiz, for both new and regular shoppers.

Shopify shops

If you're using Fit Quiz on Shopify, you can access the Out of Stock reports directly from the Shopify Performance dashboard:

  • Open "Fit Quiz" through Shopify's App section

  • You'll be redirected to the Performance dashboard

  • Scroll down to find the "Out of stock: Predicted sizes" graph, where you can see the overall number of out-of-stock recommendations

By default, all metrics are displayed for the last 7 days, but you can adjust the date range under "Detailed view" and select the current month, year-to-date, or any other range.

Additionally, you can view a detailed "Out of stock" report at a product level. Simply click the "View report" link (located in the top right corner of the "Out of stock: Predicted sizes" metric) to access it. This report shows how often a recommended size was out of stock for a specific product.

Other e-commerce platforms

For stores on other e-commerce platforms, the "Out of Stock" metrics are provided in monthly PDF and CSV reports. These display:

  • The total number of out-of-stock recommendations divided into new and regular users, displayed in "User funnels"

  • Stores on the Premium plan can also receive a detailed CSV report showing all instances of a recommended size being out of stock at a product level.

What the "Out of Stock" reports can be used for

Managing inventory can be a challenge for any e-commerce business. Regular analysis of out-of-stock instances can provide insights into products and specific sizes that shoppers are interested in but are unavailable, thus representing missed sales opportunities.

With Fit Quiz's "Out of Stock" reports, you can see not only which products are sold out, but also which specific sizes are in high demand. This information can help ensure that popular sizes are available in future inventory updates and increase sales.

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