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Gaining more insights from the "Pro report"
Gaining more insights from the "Pro report"

Monthly Pro reports are an advanced version of the Basic reports with additional metrics and benchmark analysis

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If you're a shop on the Fit Quiz Pro plan, in addition to metrics covered in the Basic report, you will also receive a monthly Pro report with extra insights into Fit Quiz's performance and improvement suggestions, based on benchmarks. This article will help you understand and make the most of the information in the Pro report.

Shops using Fit Quiz on Shopify can access the same metrics via the Shopify Performance dashboard. Learn more about the Dashboard here.

When and How you'll receive your report

Pro reports are typically shared via email within the first week of the new month. It takes a bit of time to gather and aggregate all your data.

Make sure to check your inbox, including your spam folder, and ensure that our team has your correct email details. If you need to update your contact information, please reach out to your account manager or our support team.

What's included in the Pro Report

The Pro report is an advanced version of our Basic report. We aim to provide more insights into how Fit Quiz influences your key business metrics. For instance, expanding the user engagement metrics to sales and returns, compared to just add-to-cart in the Basic report.

In addition to all the metrics in the Basic report, the Pro report also includes the following:

  • Total number of purchases – this metric shows how many items were purchased with the recommended size and excludes any cases when a shopper didn't use Fit Quiz or purchased a size different from the recommendation

  • Gross Sales – total sales (in the main currency of the shop) that were generated with the recommended size. It shows the total sales, as well as the share of gross sales (across supported products) made with Fit Quiz recommendations

  • Sales conversion – this measures the conversion from a pageview to purchases after engaging with Fit Quiz

  • Return rate – we track each case when Fit Quiz was used to make a purchase and analyze their return status.

    • Return rates are split into and compared across cases where the recommended size was purchased, Fit Quiz wasn’t used at all, and the recommended size was changed into a different one

    • Depending on your return terms and the total volume of returns, our return metrics may be updated either every two months or quarterly

  • Popular categories – these are the most popular categories where Fit Quiz is used

Benchmark Analysis

In addition to showing you the key metrics, we also conduct a benchmark analysis and compare your key engagement metrics to other shops similar to yours.

When possible, we select shops within your geography and fashion category. Otherwise, our benchmark metrics are calculated across all the 600+ brands currently using Fit Quiz.

Want more metrics?

If you're interested in getting more detailed insights and metrics about Fit Quiz's performance, consider upgrading to our Premium plan. This plan offers additional features, more in-depth analysis, and custom metrics tailored specifically to your brand and needs.

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