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Understanding Fit Quiz's Shopify Performance dashboard
Understanding Fit Quiz's Shopify Performance dashboard

Just launched Fit Quiz on your Shopify store? You can now track its performance through our Shopify Performance dashboard

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Our Shopify Performance dashboard is a great way to monitor Fit Quiz's performance and impact on your shop.

This guide (and linked articles) breaks down how to access, interpret, and troubleshoot the dashboard to use it to its fullest.

Accessing the Dashboard

Every Shopify shop using Fit Quiz and subscribed to one of our plans has access to our Shopify Performance dashboard.

To find it, log into your Shopify admin and locate "Fit Quiz" in the "Apps" section. If you've already subscribed to one of our plans, the dashboard will be the first screen that appears upon clicking "Fit Quiz".

If you haven't subscribed to any of the plans yet, you will need to select a plan and complete your integration before seeing the Dashboard.

Dashboard Metrics

The dashboard is divided into two sections: the "Summary" block and the "Detailed View". The "Summary" block provides key metrics for the current calendar month. In the "Detailed View", you can select a specific date range for the metrics, which are updated every 48 hours.

Learn more about the metrics here.

How often is the dashboard updated?

All metrics on the dashboard are automatically updated every 48 hours. This ensures you have the most recent data to assess your performance.

What date range can I view the metrics for?

The "This month summary" block shows a few key metrics for the current (calendar) month.

In the "Detailed View", you can select any date range you wish. By default, the dashboard shows you the last seven days, but you can alter this to view the previous month, year-to-date, or any other range.

How do you track metrics?

Metrics are based on both our tracking and Shopify's tracking. Some events are recorded directly from Shopify, such as page views, while others, like FitQuiz clicks and recommendations, come from our internal tracking.

We follow Shopify's guidelines for defining unique or active users, ensuring consistency with your Shopify dashboard metrics.

What if I'm not seeing any data on the Dashboard?

If you're seeing zeros for most or all metrics, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Fit Quiz has not yet been launched on your shop or is missing/hidden from your live theme

  • You have just launched Fit Quiz and there has been less than 48 hours (the metrics are updated every 48 hours)

  • Some of the tracking is not implemented correctly

What if the data doesn't make sense or look odd?

If some of the metrics look odd – for example, don't match your Shopify metrics, or seem too low or too high, this could be due to:

  • Some of the tracking is not being implemented correctly

  • Differences in tracking events between Shopify and our tracking

Can I export the data from the Dashboard?

Yes, we have recently introduced a new feature, currently available for our Premium shops. This feature allows you to export raw data from the dashboard in CSV format.

You can find more information about this here.

Can I get more insights and metrics?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of metrics that can either be enabled on the dashboard or shared monthly. The metrics available to you depend on your selected plan (Pro or Premium) and your specific needs.

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