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Leveraging in-depth analytics and tailored metrics in the “Premium report”
Leveraging in-depth analytics and tailored metrics in the “Premium report”

Monthly Premium reports allow shops to gain more in-depth insights into shoppers' behavior and tailor metrics to their needs

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If you're a shop subscribed to the Premium plan, you have access to our "Premium Reports". These in-depth analytics and custom metrics are designed to provide deeper insights into your shoppers' size and fit preferences, as well as return habits. This article will help you understand and make the most of the information available in the Premium report.

Shops using Fit Quiz on Shopify can access the same metrics via the Shopify Performance dashboard. Learn more about the Dashboard here.

Premium reports in a nutshell

Premium reports are a powerful tool that provides almost a tailor-made BI and data analytics experience, focusing fully on shoppers' size and fit behavior and preferences. We work closely with shops to identify the types of insights they want to see and deliver these to them.

When and How you'll receive your report

Premium reports are typically shared via email within the first week of the new month. It takes a bit of time to gather and aggregate all your data.

Make sure to check your inbox, including your spam folder, and ensure that our team has your correct email details. If you need to update your contact information, please reach out to your account manager or our support team.

What's Included in the Premium Report

Premium reports offer more detailed insights compared to the Pro report, such as deeper analysis around returns, benchmark comparison, and custom preferences across categories and products.

Furthermore, as a Premium plan user, you have the option to request custom metrics tailored specifically to your needs. This service is provided ad-hoc upon request, so let our team know what extra information you'd like to see.

In addition to all the metrics in the Pro report, the Premium report includes the following:

  • In-depth Return Analysis – this requires integration with return management platforms or regular data export from such a platform. Typical additional metrics include an analysis of return reasons, as well as a breakdown of the return metrics by categories, collections, or products

  • Post-purchase Feedback Analysis – this requires the usage of our post-purchase Feedback chatbot. The report includes metrics like customer fit feedback on a category level, as well as raw data of all the replies shoppers left while taking the post-purchase survey

  • User Engagement Metrics by Categories or Products – delivered upon request, this report allows you to view and compare user engagement metrics on a category or a product-level

  • Expanded Benchmark Analysis – compared to the benchmark analysis in the Pro report, Premium reports diving deeper into analyzing user behavior across countries or local websites for shops with multiple websites

Additional and Custom Metrics

Fit Quiz captures a wealth of valuable data about your shoppers' preferences within size and fit. Shops often leverage this data to improve the immediate performance of Fit Quiz and to inform future product collections.

Here are some examples of custom reports and metrics that shops have requested in the past:

  • Analysis of shoppers' replies in Fit Quiz, to capture what fit preferences or sizes shoppers usually prefer on a product or a category-level

  • "Size Bracketing" report, which allows shops to see which products shoppers tend to purchase multiple sizes for and break this down based on their interactions with Fit Quiz

  • Custom "Out of Stock" report, with an added layer of collections to get more insights on demand for different sizes for newly launched and previous collections.

If you have different metrics in mind, feel free to contact us, and we'll see what we can do to help.

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