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Shopify Dashboard: Additional sales and return metrics
Shopify Dashboard: Additional sales and return metrics

Recently launched sales and return metrics offer even more insights into Fit Quiz's impact and shoppers' purchase and return habits

Updated this week

Every Shopify shop using Fit Quiz and subscribed to one of our plans has access to our Shopify Performance dashboard.

Shops, that subscribed to the Starter plan, can view all essential user engagement metrics and funnels, from a page view to an "add-to-cart". For our Pro and Premium plans, we also provide additional metrics, displaying the full impact of the Fit Quiz on sales and returns. These metrics include Purchases, Sales conversion, and Returns.

Learn more about our subscription plans here.

Customer segmentation

All the metrics display figures for four segments of shoppers based on their interactions with Fit Quiz:

  • With Fit Quiz – shoppers that interacted with Fit Quiz and followed its recommendations (e.g. purchased the recommended size without changes)

  • Without Fit Quiz – shoppers who purchased without interacting with Fit Quiz

  • Different Size – this refers to instances where Fit Quiz was used, but a shopper chose a size different from the recommendation

  • Non-supported and Non-integrated Products – this includes accessories, items without sizing options, products where Fit Quiz lacks necessary information and products that don't have Fit Quiz integrated

You can click on a segment label in a chart's legend to show or hide related metrics.


  • Purchases – the total number of purchases (tracked using order statuses on Shopify).

  • Sales conversion – calculated from a page view to an actual purchase.

  • Gross Sales – the breakdown of the generated revenue / Gross Merchandise Value based on our and Shopify's tracking. All the numbers are shown in your main currency (set in Shopify).

  • Top-categories and products, where Fit Quiz is used the most.

  • Returns – this metric may require additional integration if you're not fully tracking returns/exchanges on Shopify.

If you’re using a third-party return management tool, please inform us so we can assist with setting up return tracking. We already have integrations with popular return systems, such as Loop Returns, Happy Returns, ReturnLogic, Return Magic, and SWAP Commerce, among others.

Enabling the metrics

Currently, these Sales and Return metrics are available for shops on our Pro and Premium plans.

Our data team enables these metrics, usually sometime after Fit Quiz is launched on a "live" theme and upon confirmation that all necessary tracking is functioning correctly. This means that you may not be able to see the metrics on your Dashboard immediately – but don't worry, we will share monthly reports containing all these metrics in a PDF format until they're enabled.

It also means that, right now shops can't enable these metrics on their own on the Performance dashboard. This has to be done by our data team.

In short, there are three possible scenarios:

  • You see all the metrics – this happens when the Fit Quiz is launched on your shop, and all tracking is functioning correctly. Our team will notify you about this via email

  • You see some of the metrics – this happens if some tracking (usually return tracking) is missing or not set up correctly/fully. You will see some metrics on the website, and the rest will be shared in a PDF. We will also try to assist you with the integration of your return platform

  • None of the metrics are visible on the Dashboard – usually because something is missing in the tracking, or you are not on the Pro or Premium plan. In this case, you will receive the metrics monthly in a PDF.


If you spot any issues or discrepancies with the metrics or have further questions, please reach out to our Support team.

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