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User Segments in Fit Quiz Reports
User Segments in Fit Quiz Reports

Learn more about user segments and how we use them in our reports

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When analyzing metrics in Fit Quiz reports, we often review them through the lens of shoppers' interactions with the Fit Quiz. This approach provides more context for specific metrics, enabling more accurate interpretations.

We use consistent terminology across our communications, monthly reports, and the Shopify performance dashboard. This article will elaborate on what each user segment means and how you can use them to understand shoppers' behavior better.

User Segments

We categorize users into four distinct segments based on their interaction with the Fit Quiz:

  1. With Fit Quiz – these are shoppers who interacted with Fit Quiz and followed its recommendations (e.g., purchased or added the item with the recommended size without changes)

  2. Without Fit Quiz – these shoppers made a purchase or added-to-cart without interacting with the Fit Quiz

  3. Different Size – this segment refers to instances where Fit Quiz was used, but a shopper chose a size different from the recommendation

  4. Non-supported and Non-integrated Products – this includes accessories, items without sizing options, products where Fit Quiz lacks necessary information and products that don't have Fit Quiz integrated.

How Segments are Used

Some metrics in our reports include all these segments, while others only include some. It's usually determined by the importance of different segments on the overall metric.

When analyzing sales metrics, such as the number of purchases or sales conversions, we typically only compare the "With Fit Quiz" and "Without Fit Quiz" segments. These two provide the clearest overview of the sales impact Fit Quiz has.

However, when looking into returns, we often include the "Different Size" segment as well. This is a valuable metric in this context because it shows the true accuracy of Fit Quiz recommendation without any additional external factors.

  • The "Without Fit Quiz" segment might often include shoppers who are already familiar with a brand and don’t require any sizing help. These shoppers tend to have a lower-than-average return rate, thus skewing the overall return analysis

  • Including the "Different Size" segment allows us to analyze the actual accuracy of the recommendation as it compares two segments close in their shopping intent (requiring sizing help), where one follows the recommendation and the other doesn’t

Shopify shops

Shopify shops can use this directly on the Shopify Performance dashboard. You can click on a segment label in a chart's legend to show or hide related metrics.

Other e-commerce platforms

Shops on other e-commerce platforms can see these segments reflected in the monthly reports. Our charts typically outline the segments in different colors, making it easier for you to analyze.

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