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Exporting "raw" performance data
Exporting "raw" performance data

Types of raw performance data, that can be exported and shared with shops

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We currently offer several options for exporting raw data This is especially useful for shops that prefer to analyze data independently or import it into their internal Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Types of data that can be exported

Typically, shops are interested in exporting the following types of data:

  • Out of Stock report – a detailed report outlining instances when the recommended size was out of stock. These reports include information about the recommended size and product details (such as product name, SKU number, etc.)

  • User Engagement metrics: Absolute numbers for all steps of user funnels, divided into new and regular shoppers

  • Detailed Add-to-cart, Purchase, and Returns data – detailed lists that include product details, recommended size information, and indications of whether Fit Quiz was used or not


Exporting raw data is a feature that is available to shops on our Premium plan and upon request. We typically discuss this individually with each shop to enable the exact types of data, frequency of exports, and data format based on their needs.

Please reach out to our Support team for more details.

Exporting from the Shopify Dashboard

Select shops on Shopify can now export this data directly from the dashboard. To do this, select your desired data range under “Detailed view” and click the “Download data” button located in the top right corner.

Please note, this button is only enabled for select shops. If you do not see it or have issues with the export, please reach out to us.

Data Export Formats

Currently, we primarily support exporting data in CSV format. However, we have facilitated exports in XLSX formats and directly via API in the past. Please reach out to us if you are interested in these or other export formats.

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