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Product features
Product features

Customization options, product features and custom requests

11 articles
Design and styling customization optionsLearn more about what you can customize in Fit Quiz to make it fit your brand
Leverage "Size Insights" to provide more fitting guidanceSize Insights offers visual or text-based notifications to indicate item's sizing and fitting. Learn more about Size Insights here
"Out of stock" email capture with Fit Quiz and KlaviyoLeverage the "Out of stock" email capture functionality and Klaviyo’s "Back in stock" automated workflows
Additional recommendations – length, width, fitLearn how Easysize/ Fit Quiz recommends additional attributes like length, width, fit and goes beyond just sizes
Enable email capture and personalized flows with Klaviyo and Fit Quiz
How Fit Quiz works with Unisex productsLearn more about unisex products support.
Multi-language support and TranslationsLearn which languages are currently supported in Easysize/Fit Quiz, how to add new languages and update translations
Advanced and custom recommendations with Fit QuizLearn about advanced recommendations for products with unique fitting or designed for a specific customer segment
Feedback – gather post-purchase feedback for better size and fitLearn how to improve post-purchase experience and gain more insights through our Feedback chatbot
Adding Fit Quiz to standalone landing (non PDP) pagesInstructions and tips on integrating Fit Quiz to non product (non PDP) pages, like landing pages, catalog and others.
Adding Fit Quiz to a size guide pageFollow this guide and technical tops to add Fit Quiz to your size guide page.