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Enable email capture and personalized flows with Klaviyo and Fit Quiz
Enable email capture and personalized flows with Klaviyo and Fit Quiz
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Similar to the "Out of stock" email capture feature, this is the latest addition to Fit Quiz's integrations with Klaviyo to collect shoppers' emails and leverage automated personalization flows.

How does it work?

Many shops are already using Klaviyo's automated personalization flows to nurture and reactivate shoppers with relevant products and offers. Now, this can be expanded into the Fit Quiz widget, allowing a shopper to leave their email directly in Fit Quiz. 

On the front-end, within the Fit Quiz widget, the email capture feature is shown on the results' screen for all or selected products. Shoppers are prompted to add their email address and receive personalized offers.

With the integration with Klaviyo, once the shopper adds their email address, this information is instantly saved in a relevant workflow in Klaviyo

What's the shopper experience like?

Shops can choose to enable the email capture feature on all or selected products. Shoppers are presented with a prompt to leave their email address and once the email is added, a success message is shown.

Like any other elements of the Fit Quiz widget, the email capture feature can be customized. Shops can choose their fonts and colours, use their custom text, and support it in 16 languages or add additional languages.

Integration with Klaviyo

This feature requires you to have a working personalization flow in Klaviyo. For setup and details please refer to the official Klaviyo documentation.

To get started, generate a Klaviyo API access key and check your existing automation workflows.

The data sent from Fit Quiz will have the following details:

  • product name

  • product/SKU number

  • additional attributes, like color, model etc. (if relevant)

  • recommended size

  • customer email.

Enabling the email capture feature

The email capture feature is currently available for shops on our Pro and Premium plans. If you want to enable this feature, please reach out to our team with your expected customization and your Klaviyo API key. Our team will handle the integration and customization.

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