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How Fit Quiz works with Unisex products
How Fit Quiz works with Unisex products

Learn more about unisex products support.

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Fit Quiz uses slightly different user flows based on whether products are female, male, or unisex. It's especially important for unisex items, as finding the right size for them can be challenging for shoppers.

This guide will share more details on how Fit Quiz works with unisex items and advanced unisex settings available to shops.

User Experience

When a product is identified as unisex, Fit Quiz introduces an additional screen as the first question in the widget. This screen asks about the shopper's gender preferences.

It's important to get the gender-specific right. If you wish to modify the phrasing of the question or answers in this section to better align with your brand's gender-inclusive language, we're more than ready to assist with this (free of charge).

How Fit Quiz determines genders

Fit Quiz identifies the gender for each product, it's available on, individually. This is done while a product page is loading.

On Shopify

If your store is on Shopify, you can set gender settings directly through our Fit Quiz Shopify app. For more details on how to do this, please check our specific article on this topic.

On other e-commerce platforms

If you're using a different e-commerce platform, it's crucial to ensure that the gender attribute is correctly added when integrating the Fit Quiz JavaScript library on a product page. This is specified in the product_gender attribute.

The gender attribute should be sent to Fit Quiz as:

  • "female" or "f"

  • "male" or "m"

  • "unisex" or "u"

Advanced Settings for Unisex Products

For a more advanced user flow and recommendation logic for unisex items, such as different recommendations based on the shopper's gender, please reach out to us. This can be particularly useful if, for example, you'd like the recommendation to lean towards a tighter fit for female shoppers and larger sizes for male shoppers.

Please note that this feature isn't currently available directly in the Shopify app, but we can assist you in setting it up.

"Advanced Unisex support" is included in our Pro and Premium plans. For more information about these plans, please check this article.

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