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Multi-language support and Translations
Multi-language support and Translations

Learn which languages are currently supported in Easysize/Fit Quiz, how to add new languages and update translations

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We designed Easysize/Fit Quiz to not only look and feel like the rest of your website but also speak the same language. One way we achieve this is through our localisation and multi-language support features. This article explores our various language support options and how you can tailor Fit Quiz to your shop's needs.

Supported languages

Fit Quiz currently supports 16 languages, including English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Slovakian, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, and Hebrew.

Our translations are carefully crafted by native speakers and tested across hundreds of shops to ensure that everything is grammatically and contextually correct.

Adding new languages

In addition to the languages, that are already supported, new languages can be added upon request in a matter of hours.

You just need to contact us, share the languages you want to add, and we'll provide you access to our internal translation admin. There, you can input your translations, and the changes are implemented right away.

There's no limit to the number of languages you can add, and this feature is available across all our plans and at no additional cost.

Editing existing translations

While we strive to provide accurate translations, we understand that there may be instances where adjustments are needed.

If you spot incorrect translations or want to adjust them to better fit your brand's tone and style, you can do so. Just reach out to us with the corrections, and we'll adjust them in our global translation database.

Just like with adding new languages, editing existing translations is available across all our plans and at no additional cost.

Customizing phrasing and changing the "tone of voice"

To ensure a consistent tone of voice across your website, Fit Quiz allows you to customise the exact phrasing of questions and answers. Whether you're aiming for a more casual and informal tone or a more professional one, you can modify the language to align with your brand.

This feature is available in our Pro and Premium plans, and changes are implemented immediately upon request.

Automatic multi-language support

If you're a retailer with a website in multiple languages, Fit Quiz can now automatically detect the selected language on the website and adapt to that language.

This automatic multi-language support feature is available on all our plans.

Multi-language support enables all the key elements of Fit Quiz, including the call-to-action button on a product page, questions and answers in the Fit Quiz widget, and messages about the recommended size, to be displayed in the selected language.

While the process is typically automated, there may be instances where it requires a slight adjustment from our technical team. We encourage you to reach out for assistance if you need help or have any doubts.

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