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Advanced and custom recommendations with Fit Quiz
Advanced and custom recommendations with Fit Quiz

Learn about advanced recommendations for products with unique fitting or designed for a specific customer segment

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If you have products that require unique sizing or fitting, or if you're targeting a specific customer niche, Fit Quiz can accommodate your needs with its advanced customization capabilities. Built on a recommendation algorithm that has been perfected over nearly a decade and based on tens of millions of data points, Fit Quiz can be customized to accommodate even the most unique or tricky sizing and fitting needs.

Products that may require custom recommendations

Here are some typical examples of products that could benefit from custom recommendations:

  • Products for specific customer segments or niches – these products are typically tailored to accommodate a specific body type or shape: such as pants for taller or shorter shoppers, tops for nursing mothers, or shirts for bodybuilders

  • Specialized products – such as sportswear, workwear, specialized footwear like orthopedic shoes, or medical scrubs. These products often have unique characteristics relating to their fabric, stretchiness, and the expected fit for optimal performance

  • Products with variable fitting based on additional context – typically this would depend on how a shopper intends to wear a product, like a coat that can double as an outerwear or a robe

  • For customers new to specific categories or products – for instance, first-time buyers of cycling bibs or a kurta may feel more at ease providing their preferences for regular shorts or a dress

Don't see your product type above? Not to worry, simply reach out to us and we will find the best recommendation option for you. 

Adjusting sensitivity of existing questions

One way to customize Fit Quiz is by adjusting the sensitivity of existing questions. This involves keeping the current user flow (questions and answers in the Fit Quiz) as it is, but setting additional restrictions or preferences for specific questions or answers.

For instance, a brand selling apparel for shorter men could limit the height option to 175cm // 5′9, ensuring that customers taller than would receive a message mentioning that none of the products would fit them due to the nature of the designs. 

Similarly, a footwear brand catering to shoppers with wider feet could increase the "weight" that answers indicating that a shopper has wider feet, has on the final recommendation and, for example, add an extra half-size to accommodate this specific need.

In such scenarios, we start by understanding the specific use case and then update the recommendation algorithm accordingly.

This customization can be implemented on a product, size model-level or applied across all products, providing flexibility based on your individual requirements.

Incorporating Custom Questions

Sometimes, there's more to a size recommendation than what's covered by the existing questions in Fit Quiz. In these instances, we can add custom questions to gain more insight.

These custom questions can dive into details such as how a shopper will be wearing an item, their specific body shape or level of athleticism, their familiarity with a category, or other relevant contextual details.

Think of these additional questions as a conversation a shopper would have with a shop assistant to find the best product and fit.

Once we gather all the needed information about your specific use case, we'll adjust the recommendation logic and implement the changes, including adding the questions and updating the logic based on the answers. 

Getting started with Custom Recommendations

To get started with custom recommendations, simply reach out to us with more details about your requirements. Our team will then prepare suggestions based on your inputs. Once approved, we'll make all the necessary changes in the widget and the recommendation logic.

Custom recommendations can be applied on a specific product, size model or across all product categories, offering you the flexibility to decide what works best for your brand.

This feature is currently available only for shops on the Premium plan. However, we may make exceptions for shops on the Pro plans depending on the complexity of the specific case. Please reach out to us and we will do our best to assist. 

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