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Additional recommendations – length, width, fit
Additional recommendations – length, width, fit

Learn how Easysize/ Fit Quiz recommends additional attributes like length, width, fit and goes beyond just sizes

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When it comes to fashion, size is only one aspect of a perfect fit. While providing size recommendations is an essential part of a great shopping experience, there are often other product attributes that shoppers need to consider. For instance, jeans often come with waist and length attributes, shoes may offer options for regular and wider foot widths, and shirts can vary between slim and regular fit.

Fit Quiz can recommend not just the size, but also these other relevant attributes, ensuring shoppers have all the information they need to make the right purchase.

Here're some common use cases:

  • Shoes – choosing between "Regular" and "Wider foot" options

  • Jeans and Pants – providing specific length recommendations (e.g., L30, L32, etc.), or simpler options like "Long", "Regular", "Short"

  • Shirts – suggesting "Slim" or "Regular" fit

A seamless experience for shoppers

In most cases, Fit Quiz can derive these additional recommendations from the answers shoppers provide during their regular interaction with Fit Quiz. There's no need to ask extra questions.

However, in some cases, where it makes sense, we may add an additional question to enhance the recommendation. For example, for a brand selling swimsuits, we added an extra question to recommend options for those with longer or shorter torsos.

The additional length, width or fit option is displayed alongside the size recommendation and pre-selected on a product page.

How to Enable This Feature

To enable this feature, reach out to us. We will have a quick chat via email or call to better understand your needs and prepare this custom recommendation. Depending on how complex the task is, this process can take anywhere from a few hours to 1 or 2 days.

After this, there might be a need to modify the Fit Quiz integration on your product page to correctly parse stock availability and pre-select these extra attributes. We will share instructions with you on how to do this or, in case of a Shopify store, we can also do this for you if needed.

This feature is currently available in Pro and Premium plans. Check out other features included in the plans here.

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