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Integration with other e-commerce platforms
Integrating with shops on non-Shopify platforms: a step-by-step guide
Integrating with shops on non-Shopify platforms: a step-by-step guide

Check whether Easysize/Fit Quiz can be integrated with your shop on non-Shopify platforms

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Whether you're using Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopware, or a custom-built platform, we have you covered.

We offer our API or JS library, allowing Easysize/Fit Quiz to be integrated into any e-commerce platform. This guide will provide an overview of the overall integration, though some of the steps may need to be adjusted to your specific platform's architecture.

Getting Started

Our integration scripts and libraries use an individually assigned shop_ID – it's a unique ID assigned to each shop and domain. Shop_IDs are a way for us to not only ensure that your custom settings are correctly loaded in Easysize/Fit Quiz but also prevent any unauthorized use of our technology.

It means, that the first step is to reach out to our team and discuss a suitable subscription plan and product features for your brand. Once this is done and a service agreement is signed, you're ready to start.

At this stage, we will ask you to share details on all your staging and production environments (to be whitelisted), a list of your domain names and all the product features you'd like to utilize. After that, we will send you a step-by-step integration guide tailored to your needs.

Step 1. Share historical data

The first step in the integration process involves sharing your historical data. We use this data to better understand your product catalog, your customers' order and return behavior, and the overall fit of your items. 

It's essential to stress that Easysize never accesses any sensitive customer data, nor is such data transmitted at any point during the process. We give top priority to the privacy and security of all customer data, ensuring full compliance with all relevant data protection regulations.

Learn more about the required data and how to share it here.

Step 2. Set up "Size Models"

Size models are a special setting indicating whether selected items have a particular fitting to them. For example, an oversized item, or an item that is running slightly smaller. You can create as many or as few size models as you wish and use our default or your custom models.

The Fit Quiz algorithm uses these size models, along with your existing order and return data, to determine the unique style, size, and fitting factors of your items. This eliminates the need for size charts or garment measurements.

Learn about size models and how to set up custom models here.

Step 3. Implement Easysize JS library

Our JS library is the most common method for integrating the Fit Quiz on non-Shopify shops. This allows shops to swiftly add Easysize/Fit Quiz without the need for extensive custom development.

Find more details on the JS library here.

Step 4. Set up Order tracking

Setting up order tracking is a crucial part of the Easysize/Fit Quiz integration. Order tracking allows us to provide you with performance reports, demonstrating the impact of the Easysize/Fit Quiz on your shop. Moreover, it helps us continuously improve the recommendation algorithm.

Learn how to implement Order tracking here.

Step 5. Set up Return tracking

Similar to Order tracking, Return tracking is a crucial component of Easysize/Fit Quiz's integration on your e-commerce shop. While it may not directly affect the daily operations of the Easysize/Fit Quiz, it is used for performance reporting and the continuous improvement of the size recommendations.

Given the wide variety of return management systems available in the market, the final implementation of this function may vary from shop to shop. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us, if you require our assistance with this. 

Find out how to implement Return tracking here.

Testing and launching

We always recommend integrating Easysize/Fit Quiz on a staging environment for thorough testing before launching on a "live" website. Often our team will assist with the testing, so you're welcome to share temporary staging details. 

We designed Easysize/Fit Quiz to be customizable in many different ways:

That's it! You've now integrated Fit Quiz with your online shop. If you need further assistance with the technical aspects, design customizations, or figuring out how to best configure it, reach out to our support team.

Before the integration, you would need to select and subscribe to one of our plans: Starter, Pro, or Premium. All the plans include a minimum 14-day free trial. If you're unsure which plan to pick, you can check out our plans and see what’s included.

Once launched, you will be able to view all the key performance metrics in your monthly report: Basic, Pro, or Premium reports. Find more details about reports and metrics here

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