Implementing Easysize JS library

Using our JS library is the most common way of integrating Fit Quiz on non-Shopify shops. Check this article for more details

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Our JS library is the most common method for integrating the Fit Quiz on non-Shopify shops. This allows shops to swiftly add Easysize/Fit Quiz without the need for extensive custom development.

For the exact code and examples, please refer to our developer docs for more information here.

Adding the library

Adding the Easysize JS library involves a few steps:

  1. Load the library and include it on your pages

  2. Initiate the library - once the Easysize library is loaded, a global Easysize object becomes available on the page. To initialize this Easysize object, create a new instance and pass a configuration object to it. Finally, execute the start command. This conf object should contain all the key product attributes. The exact list can be found here.

Custom size selectors

We know that default size selectors are boring, therefore we took the time to support custom ones. The tricky part about custom-made objects is that there usually isn’t a silver bullet that can automatically identify your custom size selector - so we need your help.

For Easysize to know how and when your custom size selector is used, please add attributes to the configuration object of Easysize.

Check our developer docs to find more details on:

  • How to update your size selector

  • When and how was your size selector updated to (to what?)

→ Next steps

Congratulations – you've just completed one of the key steps of integrating Easysize/Fit Quiz on your e-commerce platform. Here are the remaining steps:

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