Implementing Order tracking

Learn why it's important to set up order tracking and find implementation suggestions in this article

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Setting up order tracking is a crucial part of the Easysize/Fit Quiz integration. The purpose of order tracking is to gain insights into customer behavior, particularly to verify if customers are adding to their carts and checking out with the size our algorithm recommended.

Order tracking allows us to provide you with performance reports, demonstrating the impact of the Easysize/Fit Quiz on your shop. Moreover, it helps us continuously improve the recommendation algorithm.

It's essential to stress that Easysize never accesses any sensitive customer data, nor is such data transmitted at any point during the process. We give top priority to the privacy and security of all customer data, ensuring full compliance with all relevant data protection regulations.

For the exact code and examples, please refer to our developer docs linked below.

For the exact code and examples, please refer to our developer docs for more information here.


  • Add to cart webhook: required to store Easysize tracking metadata

  • REST API key: required for Easysize to be able to fetch Order-tracking data


Whenever an item is added to the cart, Easysize metadata should be attached to the product. This usually includes updating the cart form on the page with additional attributes.

REST API setup

We will ask you for an API key so that we can execute our automatic data extraction scripts on your store.

What data do we extract?

Based on our docs:

  • Transactions

  • Catalog

Generating API keys

Here are some popular e-commerce references on how to generate one:

Remember, if you encounter a problem, reach out to us

POST setup

You will send a request for every purchased item to our system.


For the exact code and examples, please refer to our developer docs.

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Congratulations – you've just completed one of the key steps of integrating Easysize/Fit Quiz on your e-commerce platform. The final remaining step is:

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