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[Checklist] Check and confirm your Shopify integration of Fit Quiz
[Checklist] Check and confirm your Shopify integration of Fit Quiz

Use this checklist to make sure that Fit Quiz is correctly integrated with your Shopify store and troubleshoot common issues

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You have just added Fit Quiz to your Shopify store. But, how do you know it's working as it should? Check out this friendly checklist to confirm that Fit Quiz is fully up-and-running. 

Check the onboarding steps in the Fit Quiz Shopify app

Firstly, make sure that all the mandatory onboarding steps in the app are complete. These include:

  • Selecting the primary gender of the website and adding relevant Shopify tags for different genders

  • Selecting at least one category that items on your website belong to.

  • Mapping at least one product in the "Mapping" table. A mapped product must have a category and a size model assigned.

  • Adding Fit Quiz to your test or live theme via Simple or Advanced integration.

You can view these and other settings of Fit Quiz directly through your Shopify admin by finding and opening the Fit Quiz app.

Note: Fit Quiz only works on products that have a category and a size model assigned to them. If, for test purposes, you wish to only configure Fit Quiz on some products, please make sure, that you’re testing the final integration on these products. Fit Quiz will not show up on non-configured products.

Test the shopper's experience

This step involves testing the shopper's experience with Fit Quiz. This helps Here's what to check:

  • Verify that the Fit Quiz call-to-action button is correctly placed on the product page

  • Check that any design changes made on the "Customization" screen in the Fit Quiz app are in place

  • For multilingual websites, ensure that the button’s text is localized and updated for each language

  • Once the button is clicked, the Fit Quiz widget should open with 6-7 questions for clothing and 6-8 questions for shoes.

  • Ensure the size is calculated at the end and is accurate.

  • On the results screen, the "Add to Cart" or "Continue shopping" button should function correctly – either adding the recommended size to cart or closing the widget 

  • The recommended size should be pre-selected on the page in the size selector and a "We recommend size XX" message should appear

  • Open another product from the size or similar category – an automatic size recommendation should appear along with the "We recommend size XX" message

Here's an example of the user experience with Fit Quiz:


The “Add to cart” button on the results' screen is not adding the recommended size to cart or adding the wrong size

Confirm that you have correctly configured the Order button id setting under "Theme customisation" > "Settings" > "Easysize". It must match the CSS selector of your add to cart button on the product page.

If you are having trouble setting this up, please reach out to us.

The size is not pre-selected on the page and/or no “We recommend size XX” message appears

Confirm that you have correctly configured the Size update function setting under under "Theme customisation" > "Settings" > "Easysize". The field accepts a javascript snippet, which is a function that accepts the recommend size as parameter.

function(size) {

In that function, you have to programatically select your size variant and trigger a click of that variant. The function should then return true/false whether that has been successful.

Here's a simple example of this:

function(size) {
let size_element = document.querySelector('input[data-value="'+.size +'"]');
if (size_element) {;
return true;
return true;

If you are having trouble setting this up, please reach out to us.

Fit Quiz is not showing up on some or all configured products

Firstly, confirm that Fit Quiz is being correctly loaded on the page. You can do so by looking at the elements that your site loads.

In your browser, click Tools > Developer tools. A developer console will open up and will look something like this:

Click on the Network tab, and then click on the funnel-like icon next to the search icon. It should get highlighted and a Filter input field should appear. Enter 'easysize' in there and reload your page:

If you do not see easysize.js file, you are likely missing the Fit Quiz app block in your product template.

Go to "Theme customisation" and select your products template:

From there, click "Add block" and add "Fit Quiz" block to the template:

If you are having trouble setting this up, please reach out to us.

Product is marked as unisex but there is no unisex question

The product is likely missing the configured unisex product tags. You can check and update this on the "Genders" tab in the Fit Quiz app.

Fit Quiz is not showing up in the right language

Fit Quiz is designed to automatically recognize an active language of your website, based on your theme HTML. In simple terms, it looks for lang attribute on your html tag

In the majority of cases, Fit Quiz would automatically recognise the lang attribute and will update its content to the selected language.

If the lang attribute is present (and correct) but the wrong language is being loaded in Fit Quiz, please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to assist you further.

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