Fit Quiz for Shopify: Genders

Learn more about gender-specific user flows, unisex support and how to adjust gender settings in Fit Quiz

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"Genders" is the second step in the integration process of Fit Quiz on Shopify stores. This article will explain how you can correctly adjust gender settings for your products.

See the full step-by-step integration guide for Shopify shops here.

Fit Quiz uses slightly different user flows based on whether products are female, male, or unisex. Therefore, using up-to-date gender settings ensures that Fit Quiz will correctly identify a product's gender and show the relevant user flow to shoppers.

On the "Genders" screen you can choose from the following options:

  • Only male

  • Only female

  • Only unisex

  • A mix of gendered and unisex

Only Male, Only Female, Only Unisex

If all of your products correspond to a specific gender, you can select one of these options: only male, only female, or only unisex.

In this case, no further action is needed on this screen, and you can continue to the next step, "Categories".

Mix of Gendered and Unisex

If your store sells items catering to different genders, you should select the "Mix of gendered and unisex" option. This choice will require a bit more information.

Firstly, you need to specify which gender most of your items are for.

Choose whether your items are primarily for male/female shoppers, or are unisex. This selection is used as the default when Fit Quiz cannot find a gender-specific tag on a product.

After that, you have an option to assign Shopify tags to each gender option.

Fit Quiz uses Shopify tags to determine a product's gender. You will need to specify which tags are used for each gender. For the two remaining gender options that are not your main/default gender, click "Add tags", select the relevant Shopify tags from your products, and assign them to the corresponding gender.

Saving and Updating Gender Settings

After making changes, make sure to click "Save". Any updates will be applied immediately and will be reflected on your website. You can modify these gender settings at any time as per your requirements.

Advanced Unisex Settings

If you want to have a more advanced user flow and recommendation logic for unisex items, such as different recommendations based on the shopper's gender, please reach out to us. This feature is currently not available directly in the Shopify app, but we can assist you in setting it up – learn more about this feature and reach out to us

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Congrats! You have just completed the second step of the Fit Quiz integration on your Shopify store. Time to move to the next steps:

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