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Integrating Fit Quiz with PageFly

Tips and tricks on integrating Fit Quiz on a theme and pages built with PageFly

Updated over a week ago

PageFly is an app, that allows you to build custom landing pages for your Shopify store. While each PageFly setup is unique, here're the general tips on how to successfully add Fit Quiz to your PageFly-generated pages.

  1. Find a theme that you want to integrate Fit Quiz on and click on the Customize theme button

  2. After that click on Theme settings and select Easysize

  3. Change the Placeholder selector and Size selector to .single-option-selector

    • You can find this by inspecting the size selector element on the site

  4. Change the Order button id to .product-form__cart-submit

    • Can also be found by inspecting the add to cart button

  5. Change the size update function to the following:

    • function(size) { var size_element = document.querySelector('option[value="'+ size +'"]'); console.log("Size element", size_element); if (size_element) { size_element.selected = true; var select = size_element.parentNode; select.dispatchEvent(new Event('change', { bubbles: true })); return true; } return false; }
    • This change is required if you're using a dropdown. This finds the predicted size and triggers a change request on the option dropdown

  6. Add Easysize liquid file by following instructions from PageFly and using the {% include 'easysize' %} function

If you have any questions or issues with this, please reach out to our support team.

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