Fit Quiz for Shopify: Categories

Supported categories and how to request custom categories in Fit Quiz

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"Categories" is the third step in the integration process of Fit Quiz on Shopify stores. This article will outline which categories Fit Quiz currently supports and how to navigate this screen.

See the full step-by-step integration guide for Shopify shops here.

Fit Quiz uses categories in two main ways: customizing the user experience in Fit Quiz and making the size recommendation. When a shopper uses Fit Quiz on a particular product, they are asked about their size in the same or a similar category. Fit Quiz uses this information to provide the most accurate size recommendation.

Selected categories will be used at later stages of configuring Fit Quiz, so make sure to select all the relevant ones.

Supported Categories

In the app you will find a variety of categories across the following groups:

  1. Basics – this includes common categories such as t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies

  2. Sportswear – more specialized categories like bib shorts, jerseys, and sports bras are included here, making it ideal for brands selling cycling apparel or other types of athletic wear

  3. Swimwear & Underwear – here you can find options such as swimming trunks, swimsuits, and bikini tops/bottoms

  4. Ethnic wear – tailored for shops selling a variety of ethnic clothing, like kurtas, salwars, djellabas, etc.

  5. Footwear – this covers a range of shoes, including boots, sneakers, and slippers

Non-supported categories

While Fit Quiz covers a broad spectrum of categories, there are a few it currently does not support:

  • Kidswear (clothing and shoes)

  • Made-to-measure items

  • Certain types of bras, specifically those that come in a size format with underbust and bust fullness attributes (like 75B, 80C, etc.)

Saving and Updating Categories

After making changes, make sure to click "Save". Any updates will be applied immediately and will be available for Fit Quiz configuration. You can update these categories at any time. 

Missing a category?

We continually expand the list of supported categories in Fit Quiz. If you have looked through various groups of categories and cannot find a category that matches your items, please let us know and we will add it as an option.

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Congrats! You have just completed the third step of the Fit Quiz integration on your Shopify store. Time to move to the next steps:

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