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Product categories that Fit Quiz works with
Product categories that Fit Quiz works with

Not sure if Fit Quiz is right for your brand and products? Check this article for examples of products Fit Quiz can be used on

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Fit Quiz seamlessly works with all popular clothing and footwear categories – be that shirts, jumpsuits, sneakers or swimsuits.

There are, however, a few exceptions:

  • Kids' fashion – given the complexities and additional factors (for example, age), we're still working on integrating this category. However, we aim to roll out this feature next year

  • Made-to-measure or tailor-made items – since our solution doesn't provide body measurements, it's not suitable for these items

  • Some types of bras – particularly bras with band and cup sizes. We are gradually addressing this issue, and right now Fit Quiz supports bras in simpler formats like S-M-L or US 2-4-6, and those without a specific cup size. Bras with a combined format, like "S // 35A", can also be supported.

Specialized apparel and footwear

Fit Quiz works well with categories, such as:

  • athletic and sportswear items – for example, cycling bibs, jerseys, joggers etc.

  • workwear and uniforms – like scrubs for healthcare professionals or uniforms for flight attendants. Fit Quiz is also well-suited for B2B websites or bulk purchasing scenarios

  • fashion for a specific customer segment or need – such as pants for shorter or taller men, tops for nursing mothers, shirts for bodybuilders etc.

  • spealized footwear – for example, shoes designed for those with bunions, higher aches or wider feet

If required, Fit Quiz can be customized to reflect the shopper's familiarity with a particular category, level of athleticism, body shape or additional fitting preferences via the custom recommendations' feature.

Swimwear and Lingerie

Fit Quiz is compatible with swimwear (one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, swimming trunks) and lingerie, with the exception of bikini tops in cup sizes, as mentioned above.

Ethnic Wear

Fit Quiz can also handle ethnic wear like kurtas, kaftans, jalabiya and others. It can be further customized to accommodate both to shoppers familiar with these products and those new to it.


Fit Quiz is also useful for accessory sizing, provided the item's size can be linked to a more traditional apparel or footwear item. For example, Fit Quiz can recommend belt sizes based on customers' jeans preferences. However, it may not be suitable for items like rings that require specific measurements.

Non-Fashion Items

Fit Quiz can potentially cater to non-fashion items on a case-by-case basis, particularly when there is a clear correlation between a non-fashion item and a fashion item.


  • My items are very unique and/or designed for specific customer niche or preferences – how can I know if Fit Quiz would work?

    • We like challenges! Reach out to us and share more details about your products and we will find the best possible option for you. Our "custom recommendations" feature was built specifically to work with products with unique fitting and sizing.

  • I’m using the Fit Quiz app on Shopify and am not seeing desired categories on the “Categories” page.

    • No worries! Reach out to us with your Shopify store name and the category name and we will enable this for you – free of charge.

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