Fit Quiz for Shopify: Mapping

Learn about the "Mapping" table and common shortcuts to map products to categories and size models quickly

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"Mapping" is the fifth and the penultimate step in the integration process of Fit Quiz on Shopify stores.

See the full step-by-step integration guide for Shopify shops here.

The "Mapping" screen is an essential step in the integration and requires continuous maintenance of Fit Quiz. It's where you can assign relevant categories and size models to the products in your catalog. This is integral to the functionality of Fit Quiz, as it only works on products that have these attributes assigned.

Syncing your product catalog

Fit Quiz sources product details directly from your Shopify product catalog and syncs them at the time of integration.

However, if you've added or removed products after this initial synchronization, they may not be visible in the “Mapping” table. To fix this, click the “Resync catalog” button located on the top right corner of the screen. Once the process is complete, your catalog should be updated, making all products visible in the table.

If you're still missing products or experiencing issues with the catalog sync, please reach out to us.

Viewing Fit Quiz configuration status

The configuration status of Fit Quiz for each product can be found in the “Fit Quiz configured” column of the table. There are four possible statuses:

  • Yes – ✅ all the settings are in place and configured

  • No – ❌ none of the settings are configured

  • Partially – 🟡 a product has only a category or a size model assigned, but not both

  • Unsupported – 🪭 this status is used for products that don’t have a sizing option (like one-size items, non-fashion items, or accessories) and shouldn’t have Fit Quiz on

You can also view products based on their Fit Quiz configuration status by clicking one of the tabs on the top of the table.

Using filters for quick navigation

Filters are a great way to navigate through the table quickly. You can see all available filters by clicking the search icon located on the right-hand corner of the screen or by pressing “F” on your keyboard.

Available filter options include:

  • Status – refers to a product’s status in your Shopify catalog. Options are Active, Draft, and Archived.

  • Type – this is synced from your Shopify store and contains all the possible options used as “Type” variants.

  • Tagged with – shows all the tags used in your Shopify catalog

  • Fit Quiz Model – select one of the Size Models that is currently used in the “Mapping” table

  • Fit Quiz Category – select one of the Fit Quiz Categories that is currently used in the “Mapping” table

  • Fit Quiz Configured – choose Yes, No, Partially, or Unsupported to see a specific status on the Fit Quiz configuration

Searching the "Mapping" table

In addition to filters, you can also use the search bar. It’s activated the same way as the Filters – by clicking the search icon on the right-hand corner or by pressing “F” on your keyboard. Type your search request, such as "blouse" or "cargo" to see all products that have this in their product title.

Assigning Fit Quiz Categories and Models

"Mapping" uses categories and size models from the previously completed screens:

  • Categories that were selected on the "Categories" screen

  • Default size models and Custom size models (if any) that are available on the "Size Models" screen

You can update both of these screens at any time and this will be reflected right away in the "Mapping" table.

For any selected product, you can assign a Fit Quiz category, assign a Fit Quiz model, assign both a Fit Quiz category and model in one pop-up, or mark the product as non-supported.

For example, in case you select "Assign both category and model", the following pop-up will appear with options to select a category and a size model.

The best way to use the mapping table is to use a combination of filters, use the search bar, select products in bulk, and assign relevant categories and models. You can select multiple or all products fitting the criteria and edit their settings in bulk.

Auto-Mapping Feature

Shops with a large catalog or that update their catalog frequently can benefit from the “Auto-Mapping” feature. Auto-mapping will automatically map new products on your store to a specific category or a size model using Shopify tags or meta-objects.

Learn more about "Auto-Mapping" here.

Currently, this feature can't be set up directly in the Fit Quiz Shopify app, so please reach out to us for assistance.

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