Fit Quiz for Shopify: "Auto-mapping" feature

A simpler and an automatic way to enable Fit Quiz on new products

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Auto-mapping is a new feature that simplifies the process of updating Fit Quiz when you have a lot of products in your catalog and frequent collection updates.

Fit Quiz requires products to have an assigned category and a size model to provide a size recommendation. Typically, both categories and size models are assigned by selecting one or multiple products on the "Mapping" table in the Fit Quiz Shopify app.

Auto-mapping has been designed to eliminate this manual work and ensure 100% product support by Fit Quiz at all times, for all your products.

How does Auto-Mapping work?

Auto-mapping uses Shopify tags and/or metaobjects. Both of these are already widely used by Shopify shops and by other third-party services. You can either use existing Shopify tags or create new ones for Auto-Mapping.

Learn about Shopify tags and how to use them here.

For Auto-Mapping to work correctly, each product must have a tag indicating its category and size/fit settings:

  • Category-related tags – these could indicate a broad category like "tops" or a more specific one like "running sneakers"

  • Size-related tags – we will align these tags with your existing size models (can be viewed on the "Size Models" screen). The best option is to use the same names both for your tags and on "Size Models" – for example, "regular fit" or "oversized"

Fit Quiz looks for these tags on your product page to automatically identify the correct category and size model for a given product. This ensures that Fit Quiz is active on the product page and uses the correct product information for the size recommendation.

Enabling Auto-Mapping

Currently, Auto-Mapping activation isn't available through our Shopify Fit Quiz app. To enable it, please reach out to us.

You will need to provide a list of your category- and size-related tags, as well as how they will correspond to existing Fit Quiz categories and size models. The rest of the automatic mapping setup will be taken care of by our team.

Managing Auto-Mapping settings:

If you need to adjust any of the Auto-Mapping settings for a category or size model, you can contact our support team.

Alternatively, you make changes directly in the "Mapping" table in the Fit Quiz Shopify app. Select products you want to modify and re-assign them to a new category or sizing model.

For any assistance with mapping or auto-mapping, please reach out to us.

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