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Partnership Program – who is it for?
Partnership Program – who is it for?

Explore who is eligible to join our Partnerships Program

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With the launch of our Partnership Program, we're eager to extend its benefits to more companies within the fashion e-commerce and Shopify ecosystems. If you're a Shopify development agency, a fellow brand, or a consultant, we look forward to collaborating with you.

This article provides more details about who this program is designed for and what benefits you can receive by joining.

Shopify and Shopify Plus Agencies

Our partnership program is perfect for Shopify and Shopify Plus agencies. Many partner agencies begin by using Fit Quiz for a single client, then join our referral program once they see the benefits.

But our collaboration can extend beyond just referrals. Our partner agencies can co-develop and customize Fit Quiz for a more personalized sizing experience. They can embed Fit Quiz into other elements of a shopper's journey on the website or modify its appearance. It's a fantastic way for agencies to deliver a true white-glove experience to fashion brands.

Tech Solutions

If your tech solution or app works with online fashion brands and offers complementary services, our partnership program could be a great fit.

We're always looking to broaden Fit Quiz's impact and are open to integrating with other solutions. In the past, we've successfully integrated with:

  • Return management platforms

  • Page builders

  • Emailing systems (Klaviyo, Omnisend, Mailchimp)

Interested in exploring one of these integrations or have a different idea? Get in touch with us.

Fashion Brands

Many brands want to recommend Fit Quiz to others after seeing its positive impact. Through our referral program, brands can earn extras on successful referrals or receive special long-term discounts on their Fit Quiz subscription.

Independent Consultants

We've worked with consultants from various industries, particularly those focusing on:

  • Sustainability and green strategies for fashion brands: Making the fashion industry more sustainable is one of our priorities. By reducing unnecessary returns, Fit Quiz helps lower a brand's overall CO2 emissions. We're always open to partnerships with other companies and experts dedicated to advancing sustainability.

  • E-commerce and customer acquisition strategies: From optimizing top funnels to improving overall e-commerce metrics, our sizing tools can greatly benefit any fashion brand.

  • Advisors to newly established brands: Fit Quiz is designed to work even with shops that are about to launch or have recently launched. We're always ready to work with new and upcoming brands and support entrepreneurs.

For more information about the partnership program and its benefits, please get in touch with us.

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