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Our Partnership Program and benefits
Our Partnership Program and benefits

Explore opportunities that we offer through our Partnerships Program

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If you are in love with our Fit Quiz, you are not alone! We have recently created our Partnerships Program aimed at rewarding our partners for their successful referrals. Whether you are an Shopify development agency, a fellow brand or a consultant, we are happy to partner up with you.

Joining our Partnership Program opens up several opportunities, including but not limited to:

Win More Clients

  • Co-sale and co-marketing opportunities, such as joint marketing campaigns, bundle sales, or educating the market on key issues

  • Referrals to Fit Quiz clients – we always strive for win-win solutions for our clients, offering complimentary solutions that can benefit brands

  • Special discounts on Fit Quiz – our partners can access special discounts for Fit Quiz subscriptions and offer these to fashion brands they work with. This is a great way to strengthen their relationships with brands and stand out

Earn new revenue

Earn a share of the revenue from all successful referrals and integrations of Fit Quiz. We value our partners and offer a range of referral options, from annual success fees to extra revenue when you assist with integration.

Brands referring other brands can also receive a special discount on Fit Quiz subscriptions for successful referrals.

Early access

Gain early access to new features and provide a unique sizing experience to your clients. Whether it's accessing beta versions of features or participating in joint research and development projects, partnerships provide a pathway to early insights and opportunities that can be instrumental.

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