Fit Quiz is not showing up on my theme

Common reasons why Fit Quiz is not showing up on your theme and how to resolve these

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Typically, there are a few main reasons why Fit Quiz is not showing up on your theme or theme editor.

1. You have not yet configured your products

Fit Quiz only works on products that are fully configured and have a category and a size model assigned to them. You can check which products are configured and which are missing information on the "Mapping" screen in the Fit Quiz Shopify app. Check this article for more details.

2. Your products do not have size variants

This usually happens, when Fit Quiz is being added to a test store without real products. Often products will be missing size variants on a product page. Fit Quiz only appears on a page, if there are size variants available.

A quick fix for this issue is to add a few size variants (for example, Small, Medium, or Large) to a product you're testing. Once the variants are added, Fit Quiz should show up on the page.

3. You are using custom settings or third-party apps for size variants

In some cases, Fit Quiz might not fully or partially recognize size variants, if they're set in a custom way or through a third-party app. This is a rather rare occurrence and we're continuously expanding our integration libraries to support more of such cases.

The easiest way to resolve this is to reach out to our team and share a limited Shopify collaborator access with us. This will allow our team to take a closer look and fix this for you (free of charge).

4. You're using a page builder app, like PageFly

If your product pages are built using a page builder app, like PageFly, the integration might vary slightly. This is because such apps typically generate product pages in a way, that differs from a typical Shopify product page.

Don't worry, we have dealt with this case before and should be able to help. Here's a brief guide on integrating Fit Quiz with PageFly.

For any other cases of if you're still having issues with Fit Quiz not showing up on a theme, please reach out to us.

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