Can I customize more elements of the Fit Quiz widget?

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Updated over a week ago

Fit Quiz is designed to be customizable in multiple ways, allowing it to match your brand's aesthetic and provide the best user experience.

Some of the customization options are already available in the Fit Quiz Shopify app, while others are done by our team upon request.

"Customization" screen

You can make the following changes directly in our Shopify app through the "Customization" screen:

  • call-to-action button: edit text, use default or custom icons, adjust colours and the overall outline of the button

  • message after a recommendation is made: the same options are for the call-to-action button

  • unit of measurement for the height question: choose between CM, IN or show both

More customization options

If you want to customize Fit Quiz further – for example, changing the appearance of the widget, editing texts, using custom images etc. – this is currently done by our team and upon request.Β 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.

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