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What are Usage fees?
What are Usage fees?

How we calculate the usage fees, where you can see them and how to interpret your Shopify invoices

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Our "pay-as-you-go" subscriptions come with a usage fee of $0.15 for each item added to cart with Fit Quiz. This article will help you understand how these fees work.

What is a Usage fee?

A usage fee is an additional charge that is applied when a size recommended by Fit Quiz is added to the cart by a shopper without changes. This fee applies only to our “Pay-as-you-go” subscriptions and is directly billed on Shopify.

Calculation of Usage fees

As of April 2023, our usage fees have been lowered from $0.25 to $0.15 for each item added to the cart with the Fit Quiz recommendation. Importantly, if a shopper changes the recommended size, you will not be charged the usage fee.

How do charges work?

Charges are applied directly on Shopify according to your Shopify billing cycle. The billing script, that calculates your usage fees, runs automatically with a 7-day delay. It means that, for example, on 8 March you are charged for usage fees created on 1 March. 

Where to See the List of Charges

To view a complete list of charges, log in to your Shopify account and open the Fit Quiz app. Click on “Billing” and then “Usage” to see the full list of cases for which you’re charged.

Interpreting Your Shopify Invoice

It’s important to note that Shopify displays the number of days you were charged for, not the actual number of add-to-carts.

Monthly fee

The monthly fixed subscription charge will appear every 30 days according to your Fit Quiz billing cycle.

In the example below, the shop was charged $250 for the Premium plan for the period from 23 July 2023 and till 22 August 2023.

Usage fees

The usage fees show the number of days worth of usage fees, but the actual amount of usage is not displayed on the invoice and must be viewed in Fit Quiz under "Usage."

In the example below, the shop was charged for 31 day of usage fees. However, during these 31 days, there were 1,528 add-to-carts with Fit Quiz, costing $229.20 in total ($0.15 for each add-to-cart). As shown here, the actual number of add-to-carts is not visible on the invoice but can be instead found in the Fit Quiz app on Shopify under "Usage".


What if a shopper adds the recommended size to cart but doesn’t buy it? Am I still going to be charged?

Yes, you’re charged based on the add-to-cart events and not the purchase events. This is because in many cases other factors can impact a shopper’s decision to not purchase an item – for example, delivery price, return options, payment options, etc. These factors are outside of our control, so we don’t take purchase events into account.

Where can I see all the usage charges I’m being charged?

Simply log-in to your Shopify and open Fit Quiz app. In there, click “Usage” (under the Billing) and you will see each case when the recommended size was added to a cart without changes.

Are there subscriptions without the usage fees?

Yes, absolutely! Check out our annual plans that don’t include any usage fees.

We hope this article has clarified how usage fees work with Fit Quiz. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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